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Debit problems

You are in good financial circumstances now but are haunted by past problems, perhaps; mortgage arrears or re-possession, bankruptcy, county court judgement, marital split or business liquidation.

If any of the points above apply…

Your circumstances are not unusual! We can look at the whole market for you.

There is often a higher deposit required and a higher interest rate – but we have access to the latest deals so this may not be significantly different to most standard mortgages.

Whether you are are in the very early stages or need a mortgage fast, talk to us.

Sometimes difficulty in securing a mortgage that meets your needs might simply be due to an electricity bill that you forgot to pay.

If you find yourself black listed on a credit check you should be talking to us.

If you get turned down by a mortgage lender, future checks will show this and your problem could be worsened, so you should talk to us as soon as possible.

Cannon Mortgages have access to mortgages for people who have had financial problems in the past but are now ready and able to take on a mortgage.